Friday, October 1, 2010

Lower Your Cholesterol, Reduce The Risk Of Type II Diabetes

By now, most of us know that high cholesterol levels can lead to heart disease. We also know that we need to moderate or reduce our intake of fat and get our levels checked periodically by means of a simple blood test. The reality though is many continue to eat poorly, gain weight, fail to exercise and compound their health problems regarding high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. Are we really happy with that person who looks back at us in the mirror? If you haven’t had your cholesterol level checked in awhile, it’s time to go to the doctor. A simple blood test can tell your exact levels of good and bad cholesterol, and your doctor can tell you your health status, and describe how poor choices are increasing your risk for Type II diabetes and heart disease. Most people know about the connection between high cholesterol and diabetes. But now scientists are finding evidence that diabetes itself wreaks havoc with cholesterol, significantly increasing the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke even higher. The close ties between these two risk factors means that if you are diabetic, you have to be extremely vigilant about controlling your cholesterol. On the reverse side of this, if you have high cholesterol, your likelihood of developing diabetes increases dramatically. Indian Country Today, Sept 23, 2010

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