Saturday, November 27, 2010

Soy: The Upside and Downside Of Soy Products

The debate over the potential benefits and dangers of eating soy is ongoing and often heated. Is soy good for you or should you avoid it? If you do eat soy, how much is OK to eat? There is research to support both sides of the issue....

The downsides of soy are important to note, although these disadvantages do not apply to fermented soy foods, as fermentation seems to destroy the toxins in soybeans....

Another issue regarding American soy consumption is attitude. "Soy" has become a buzz word in the food industry, where it is becoming more of a brand than a food. Manufacturers promote soy protein bars, kids' cereals with added soy, and soy protein mixes targeted for athletes as being "healthy." But just because a product contains soy does not automatically mean it is good for you as the soy branding is often a smokescreen for an otherwise unhealthy product containing sugars, additives, artificial flavors and other ingredients of questionable health.

Not all soy products are created equal. Like 99 cent tacos, you get what you pay for. Manufacturers make it cheap, throw on a brand like "soy" and sell it as hard as they can. It doesn't matter whether it is good for you or not. To me, soy is like the professional athlete that signs an unlimited use licensing agreement for his/her name and suddenly finds their image on the side of a cigarette box.

Consumers need to read nutritional and ingredient labels and not be swayed by marketing buzz words that grab your attention in the supermarket and have been taken over by the industrial food companies.

Craig Cooper, Huffington Post, Nov 4, 2010

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