Tuesday, December 11, 2012

According to the prestigious Mayo Clinic, there are three important changes or "tweaks" to an everyday diet that someone concerned with High Cholesterol should make:  1) Eat Oatmeal, Oat Bran or Fiber rich foods daily, 2) Fish and Omega - 3 fatty acids should be added in place of animal fats and fiber, and 3) Stock up on healthy fruits and vegetables. They also recommend daily exercise and stop smoking. While many will be able to change their daily diet, they will find the last two not as easy.
There are many programs online to help one stop smoking, but exercising is something which must be planned by each individual based on their physical abilities.
Exercising to help reduce cholesterol doesn't involve body building, weight lifting, jogging, or any other high exertion activities. It can be as simple ass a brisk walk every night after dinner instead of sitting in front of the television. The walk doesn't even need to be a long one....ONE MILE per night with all the other changes will dramatically reduce your cholesterol numbers. So.....why not avoid the couch after dinner and see what your neighbors are doing? Not only will you be getting healthier, but you will increase your social presence.

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