Thursday, January 17, 2013

There are many emails daily about "quick cures" to lower cholesterol, but the quick cure not only doesn't work quickly but also is only temporary. High cholesterol readings and heavy plaque buildup, causing high blood pressure,  took years to accumulate, years in which many did not know the dangers. Today, the knowledge is there, but many continue to ignore it.

In this modern technological world, one cannot feign ignorance of medical conditions, of statistics which prove the gravity of the American condition as it concerns Heart Disease. Americans fascination with Fast Foods, packaged meals, microwave cooking, and lack of beneficial exercise cannot be overlooked as the underlying causes. Yet, even though the public is becoming more aware of the dangers, even though the "fast food joints" are providing healthier meals for sale, the number of deaths per year due to heart disease is not decreasing.

The solution is not found in a "quick fix" attitude, but instead in a proactive position to balance the food consumed daily. The balance  wheel shown relates the 3 areas often forgotten...fruits, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains. Balancing a diet to insure that at least some of the 3 are eaten daily will start reducing high cholesterol naturally, but over time.

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